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This function enables you to enroll online for e-services without the bank's assistance.

  1. From the Login screen, click the Register link. The Self Enrollment/Registration screen displays.

  1. Complete following fields with the appropriate information:
  • CPR -- Enter Your CPR Number.

  • Credit Card -- Enter Your Credit Card Number.

  • Email Address -- Enter the email address where you wish to receive confirmation of your enrollment.

  1. Read through the Terms and Conditions.

  2. Click the checkbox to denote your agreement with the terms and conditions.

  3. Click Enroll. The Self Enrollment screen re-displays.

  4. This time, complete the screen with the desired User Name and Password.

  5. Click Login.

If all the information you provided is acceptable, the system sends an enrollment confirmation message to the email address you specified above and will redirect you to the login page.